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You can order by:

Internet - first choose between the download or the USB, then click on the BUY NOW icon (under the credit card symbols below). You will be taken to a secure order page where you can check your order and pay via Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account, choose the guest sign in and pay by any of the accepted cards below.

Due to the cost of postage, we recommend downloading the software and manual. Both are the same versions as those provided on the USB/in print.

Via a retailer - a list of retailers is given at the base of this page. If you prefer to use your favourite retailer, just follow the link to their own web site.  Note - you can only purchase the USB version via a retailer; a key for the download version must be purchased directly via this page.

To purchase direct by internet:

Custodian 4 internet delivery: £24.95

To download the software, go to the Downloads page and click on the Download button. This will download a trial version. When you have placed your order, go to the Activate option in the Help menu (main screen in Custodian), complete the activate form and send the Security Code. When you payment has been processed, you will be sent an Activation Key  - enter this into the Activate window (Help menu) and you will have access to the full version (see also the Registering page on this web site).

Custodian 4 USB version: £29.95   (p&p, small parcel, 1st class: UK £4.59, Europe £8.30, Other  £12.50)                    

Please ensure you select the correct button below. When you receive your software, you will need to use the Activate screen in the Help menu in Custodian (or the Registering form on this web site) to send your Security Code. When you receive your Activation Key, enter this into the Activate window.

Custodian 4 manual: £12.95  (p&p, large letter, 1st class: UK £3.50, Europe £6.55, Other £9.55)

Please ensure you select the correct button below. Manual is A4, wire-bound, 122 pp manual (built from the Help files and including all tutorials); illustrated throughout and includes information on each area of Custodian and the functions within it. PLEASE NOTE - you can download the manual in PDF format free of charge from the Downloads page.

Custodian USB and Manual together: £42.90 (p&p, small parcel, 1st class: UK only £4.59)

We welcome:

To purchase via a retailer :

(UK Suppliers):

Guild of One Name Studies

S&N Genealogy Supplies

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If you have requested to have data transferred from Custodian II to Custodian 4 and the work has been done, please use the button below to pay the charge of £5.

Data transfer