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Welcome to Custodian 4, the database software which helps you to store, index and organise the information you have gathered from all kinds of family history records. Use specialised forms for many record types, build family trees, compile mini-biographies, maintain a library list and keep track of your correspondents and research notes.

Use Custodian for general family history research, one-name studies, indexing projects, local history and one-place studies. Keep a computer-based version of all your paper records, documents and lists in one place and minimise endless searching for paperwork.

New packaging for 2020

We have recently made the decision to change the packaging we use for Custodian. Although many people download the trial version and then purchase the key (zero packaging!), not everyone wishes to do this. The black plastic DVD cases were non-recyclable and the CD’s used for the software were single use only, and there’s a limit to how many cup mats and bird scarers you need, so these had to go!

Our current solution is not perfect but much improved. The software is on a USB stick which can be used repeatedly - you could keep a copy of your Custodian backups on it - and the box is also recyclable.

The boxes come with a foam insert, which unfortunately is not recyclable but rather than throw them out, we have kept them and added a peelable label to the lid of the box; you can therefore remove all trace of Custodian and re-use the box for gifts or jewellery etc! These boxes are nicely made and are supplied by The Tiny Box Company, a British company with eco-friendly ethics.