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Frequently asked Questions

For prospective purchasers:

Q. If I purchase and install the download version and then change my computer, can I download the program again?

A. Yes, you can. You will need to register again, with the security code from your new computer (found in the Activate window) and receive a new key.

Q. I have an earlier version of Custodian - can I transfer my data?

A.There is a migrate program with Custodian 4 which transfers data from version 3 but not version 2 or 1. If you have a lot of data in Custodian 2, we may provide a service to transfer it for you, via version 3. Contact us for more information if you are interested in this.

Q. Are there free updates to Custodian 4?

A.Yes, simply download the latest version from the Downloads page - your Custodian program will be updated. You will not need a new key (unless you are also changing your computer).