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Please read all the instructions

The Custodian 4 software download is the full version but runs as a trial until activated with a key. The trial version is limited to ten records per data form but you can try it for as long as you like. If you wish to purchase a key for full access, please use the How to Order page.

Custodian 3 users: If you need to transfer data from version 3, select “Install Components” during the installation routine and tick Migrate, then continue with the installation. Migrate will only work with a purchased and registered version.

Updating your version 4: to update your current version, download the trial version and ensure you install it in the same location as your original installation. You should not need to re-enter your key unless you are updating from a very early version of 4. Always backup first, though the update will not touch your data. Information on What’s New, itemising changes is now available from here.

Instructions for Custodian download:

1. Click on the download button below.

2. Choose Save when prompted.

3. Find the downloaded file using windows explorer.

4. Double-click on the filename to run it.

5. Follow any on-screen prompts.

Custodian 4 Trial

The Custodian 4 manual is available to purchase, as a printed version, from the How to Order page or it can be downloaded from here, as a PDF file.


1. Click on the download button below

2. The PDF file may open in your browser, or it may be placed on the browser task bar at the bottom of your screen where you can select to open it.

Custodian 4 Manual

Version Updated 18th December 2023

Version 4.0.3